Guide to Your First Wig

All You Need to Know Before You select

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Making a purchase of this size can involve a great deal of thought.  We have created this page to assist you long the way and also answer any questions you may have.  Wether you need a consultation or a simple definition this page is here to make the journey simple.

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Wig Measurement Guide

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Closure Vs. Frontal 

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Lace Pieces Come in a variety of sizes to be used for a specific reason.  Lace is a very thin material where hair is knoted by the strand to give the illusion of scalp and a hairline.
A Closure is the smallest lace piece out of the bunch.  It offered a decent amount of parting space depending on the size.  You may apply it like a frontal to give you a hairline illusion however it is not necessary. A closure can land approximately from temple to temple depending on the size. The are available is 4x4 ,5x5,6x6 and 7x7.  Closure are highly recommended for first time wig wearers because it is incredibly low maintain and easy to apply.
A Frontal gives the illusion of a full hairline.  It spans from ear to ear and come sin sizes 13x4 and 13x6. You can also place your frontal into a half up half down style, or use it for ponytails styles.Lace frontals are only recommended to those who are familiar with the maintenance and application process, or for special occasions and photoshoots.
Full Lace 
A full lace unit is the most versatile of them all.  You may part it in any section o the hair as well as place it in a high bun. Full lace units are only recommended for special occasions or photoshoots as they are very Hugh maintainence.

Colour Selection