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Colour + Highlights

Preparation for Color Services.

Please arrive to your appointment with Dry detangled hair that is free of product. If you have textured hair, please have it detangled and stretched.

Highlight Services 

First Time Highlight Service Package $500 and up ( 5 + hours)

( For new clients or who have been away for more then 6 months or has more then 4 inch of new growth)

The First Time highlight Package is dedicated to giving the complete service for the ultimate colour transformation. This service Includes Full highlight, Haircut and style. All future services are for maintence.

Half Highlight Service $440  and up (Every 4-6 months)

Service Includes Half highlight ( Crown, above the ear and front + back Hairline), and Style 

Partial Highlight Service $375 and up (Every 3-5 months)

Service Includes Partial Highlight ( Hairline , Mohawk through the crown) and style


Colour Services

Root Retouch, Ends Refresh + Style $155 and up

Service includes root retouch with permanent colour , end refreshed with Demi permanent colour ,wash and style.

Virgin Hair Application + Style $230 and up

Changing colour for the very first time Permanent colour is applied from roots to ends. The rate increases based on aditional product use.

Bleach + Tone

Service includes application of lighter and toner applied for desired colour. This service must be booked with a Maintenance service)

Short Hair (Buzz cut or Pixie).                                             $150 and up               

Medium Hair (More then 1 inch to Above the shoulder)     $175 and up

Long Hair.(Below the Shoulder)                                           $200 and up

Tone + Style $100 and up

Service includes an all over toner with Demi permament colour and style

Dimensional Toner + Style $150 and up

Service Includes zone toning to preserve dimension and style .


Texture Services 

Virgin Relaxer/ Texture Service $170 and up 

Service includes a full relaxer/texturizer , treatment, trim and style.

Relaxer/Texturizer Retouch Service $120 

Service includes a root retouch relaxer/texturizer , treatment, trim and style.

Avlon Texture Release Service $200

The texture release is a temporary smoothing system that lasts 3-4 months. The service includes the solution applied, trim and style.


Colour Correction

Please book a consultation for quotation.

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